There are hundreds of teachers who have enrolled in The Teacher Career Coach Course to help them transition out of the classroom. I’d love to share just a few of the many Teacher Career Coach reviews. If you follow me on Instagram @teachercareercoach, you’ll see even more reviews in the highlights of my stories labeled “testimonials.” I’d love to share a few testimonials from current and graduated Teacher Career Coach members.

teacher career coach reviews

Teacher Career Coach Reviews: Current Members

  • I am getting so much out of this course! I realized I was blowing through it and needed to slow down and take action.
  • This is just what I needed after recently being frustrated out of teaching. This has been great while I figure out my next steps.
  • I was feeling so defeated and bought the program instantly. It has given me hope and helped me break down my job search into doable steps. You’ve “chunked” my assignment!
  • You have improved my mental state this year. Just knowing that I am one step closer to getting out of the classroom has improved my whole demeanor. Everyone else is asking me “what’s gotten into you?”
  • Thank you for what you’re doing! I feel like I’ve got resources now to build my resume and take those steps. I’m even going to a conference with a curriculum company I really like!
  • I’ve felt lost the last 3 years of teaching, and this was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for building this community and helping me identify the positions that I am most qualified for.

Teacher Career Coach Reviews: Success Stories

  • I got a job developing curriculum at a literacy center! Seriously, thank you so much. I am so grateful for your course and your work. It got me through!
  • After 10 years of being in the classroom and suffering burnout, I just landed a role as an Instructional Designer! My pay is substantially more than it was a teacher, and I am so excited! Thank you!!

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Teacher Career Coach Reviews: Blog Posts

30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

I know how scary this transition can be, because I was in your shoes before. There are so many variables to consider. My goal is to make this entire process as easy as possible for any teacher who is going through the same thing I did. That’s why I’ve created a 30 day risk free guarantee for The Teacher Career Coach Course. If for any reason this course is not a good fit for you (or life gets in the way), let me know within the first 30 days and I’ll refund the entire cost of purchase.