How to Create Your Own Business as a Teacher

Not to sound too much like a self-development guru, but you do have the power within you to create your own success. If you have a creative and entrepreneurial mindset, and you have the tenacity and grit to follow through on your goals, then being your own boss can absolutely be the right move for you. The great thing about creating your own business, is that you don’t have to quit your day job right away to get started. You can use your natural teaching skills to make extra money while you figure out your true path. It is important to work on a teacher transition resume for your new career. Maybe it’s just a matter of income and you are happy in the classroom. In that case, there are also additional ways to earn extra income for teachers.

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Here are just a few ideas on how you can create your own side or small business:


Freelancers are independent contractors who work for themselves on different size projects both short- or long-term. This is a great option for how you can start your own business in teaching. Freelancers often work from home at their own pace. This is a great way to gain knowledge and experience where you can build a portfolio in a specific field that you want to thrive in. Many different types of companies hire freelancers who have experience in accounting, administrative work, customer service, design and creative, legal, mobile development, sales and marketing, web development and of course, writing. If you are a natural writer, then copywriting, editing and blogging are very popular avenues to try your hand at becoming a freelancer.

Freelance Websites

Online freelance companies, such Upwork, LinkedIn Profinder and Flexjobs make the process very easy to get your business started with little to no fees. These sites will help you build a strong clientele and an opportunity to get repeat business.

Online or Brick and Mortar Small Business

The type of business you start depends on what you are passionate about and how much money you can afford to invest. How you start your own business in teaching depends on how much you can put into it. You probably don’t want to start something that will make you unhappy. Afterall, that is why you are reading this right?

Whether it’s a non-profit organization, a bakery, or child-care business, whatever you do, you have to be enthusiastic about it and be your authentic self. Just because something seems like it might be trendy or popular, but you are not passionate about it, chances are you won’t find success with that business. Your idea must motivate you every day to want to put in your time, money and energy into making your business grow.

Learn The Basics

Want to start your own business or learn to manage your own business better? Here are some courses I recommend:

Benefits of an Online Business

An online business doesn’t have much overhead and can be much easier to launch with little start-up fees. Websites like Teachers Pay Teachers, is a great marketplace to sell products that are made by teachers for teachers. If you have a product idea, you need to figure out if that idea has been done before. With a little research, you’ll find that a lot of great ideas are already out there. If it has, don’t fret. Just figure out a way to put a new twist on it. On my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I have project-based learning assignments with multiplication problems mixed in. I also created an interactive math mystery game. These activities are not only fun to do but learning is still the objective.

Get Some Feedback

Before you launch your idea, it would be a great idea to gauge interest and feedback in your idea to see if there is a demand for it. This is a key part of how you can start your own business in teaching. A few things that worked for me, I sent out email lists, surveyed on social media by creating quick polls, and asked for feedback on local apps like Nextdoor. From there, I took the information and fined-tuned my idea before I spent a lot of time creating something no one would buy.

Passive Income Streams

As I have stated in previous blogs, technology has made it easier for people to have more control over their working situation. Some people have side-hustles that provide extra money, some people string together multiple side-hustles as their main source of income. In this new “in demand” world, we are free to create a working situation that aligns with our lifestyles. According to Gallup, 36 percent of all U.S. workers participate in the gig economy in some capacity.

Planning passive income streams is a great way for you to start business on the side without having upend your entire life. Teachers Pay Teachers is a great example of how to earn passive income. It’s a low-cost option and great for creative types. It’s also something you can do in your spare time. It is against some school policies, so check with your employer before you start.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve created your own website, educational blog, or Instagram – affiliate marketing is a great way to earn additional money. Affiliates use a specific link on products they endorse and earn a percentage of the sales from that link. If you are into writing, blogging and social media, affiliate marketing companies will help you find businesses that align with your content. Setting up a website is not as hard as you think. A WordPress site is very user friendly and comes with many prepackaged themes for you to choose from. Once you are set up, your blogs and websites can start earning income 24/7.

These are all great options for how you can start your own business in teaching.

Next Steps

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